S01 E09 “The Pod Filter gets Political”

February 22, 2019

The Award nominated Pod Filter Podcast is back with its latest instalment, and this time is serious (sorta). Adam Ward and Simon Fryer are joined by The Vice President - Policy of Liberal Democrats WA Jared Neaves. We discuss a load of Australian road rules and regulations that we believe need to be changed. we discuss how our listeners can help to get the rules changed, the bike ban at Barbagello race track, we touch on marijuana legality, gun laws and speed-limits too. in the second half of the show (44:24) we cover YouTube's Mighty Car Mods, Hoonigans/call out kings vs Roadkill/Finnegan speed marine, Torque n Powers 50th episode, Seen Through Glass, Home Built by Jeff, Cleetus McFarland, Dustin Williams, The Grand Tour, /Drive, The Skid Factory and of course JoyDrive. Car and Bike parts this fortnight and Fun for 5K is back!    



S01 E08 “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”

February 1, 2019

In this episode we interview one of the icons of the West Australian car scene the one and only Mark "Happy" Williams! Happy tells us how he came to be known as happy, the origins of the Steel Bumper Car Cruises (Not club) and the highs and lows of his journey to Canberra to win summernats 30. 

Happy and his partner Rachel stick around for the second half of the show were we discuss the MCM guys getting or package, Home built by Jeff putting or sticker on his toolbox and a load of other YouTube stuff !   


S01 E07 “iTube, YouTube, We All Tube”

January 18, 2019

We are back for 2019!!, we heard your complaints about there being no YouTube reviews in the last one so we are making up for it with a whole episode dedicated to the shows both you and I love! we cover Mighty Car Mods, Skid Factory, Unicorn Circuit, Cleetus McFarland, B is for Build, Hoonigans, Gymkana Files, The Grand Tour, Home Built by Jeff, Seen Through Glass, Bad Obsession Motorsport, J-Mac Media, The House of Muscle, Icon 4x4 and Joydrive 


S01 E06 “Like us but Good” (150% length for your enjoyment)

December 21, 2018

Our first crossover episode! like the MCM boys showing up on Roadkill or like Benny the Mechanical Stig suddenly appearing on DeBoss Garage and Home Built By Jeff, The Pod Filter has Nick and Simon from "Torque n Power Podcast" pack lunch and lock their doors to come all the way down to the famous Dale Bar and Bistro to do a crossover episode. we cover a whole range of topics like Fat Pizza, Horsepower Heroes at Summernats, area 32 and more!! due to running long we skimped over our YouTube reviews but you can find them on our Facebook page. we also have a 3 way "Fun for 5k" this episode that you can also vote for over at the FB page.  


S01 E05 (double length) “Talkin’ Smack with J-Mac”

November 23, 2018

Woohoo were now on Spotify! ok so now thats out of the way, The Boys are back at the pub and are joined this time with Jarrod Maclean AKA J-Mac. In this double length episode we talk about Drag racing, Drifting, Supermotard and all the things J-Mac Media is upto at the moment. Jarrod even Joins us for the second half of the show were we discuss Youtube, Fun for 5K and all the car parts car shows and the regular stuff.  


S01 E04 “” Kruisin’ with Kristy & Cam”

November 9, 2018

Welcome back! this time Adam and Simon are interviewing the couple behind one of Perth's most exclusive car clubs that is as much about cars as it is Family and Charity. Listen in as we talk to Kristy and Cam about their club "Our Kruise Krew" from it humble beginnings to it now being 200+ active members! 

Also as always the second half of the show we discuss the youtube channels : MCM, Skid Factory, Retropower, B is for Build, Home Built by Jeff, Bad obsession Motorsport and Adam-LZ. 

Also hear about Adam getting Flash burn from welding, power cruise WA 2018, more car parts bought, the current scores for fun for under 5k and this weeks picks buy Adam and Simon. 


S01 E03 “Meet the Missus”

October 26, 2018

Adam and Simon are back again and this time with their first ever guest Gem De Wind! 

Gem discusses hiding costs of car parts, how dating a rev head rubs off grid girls and guys and her thoughts on some of our favorite YouTube shows. 

Second half of the show is more Automotive YouTube reviews, Car Parts and Car shows and this episodes fun for under 5k pics from Adam and Simon. 


S01 E02 “Where’s the Beef?”

October 11, 2018

The Highly sort after Episode 2 of The Pod Filter, Adam and Simon are back at The Dale Bar and Bistro and answering the number one question from the fans "If hes muscle and your rice why are you not fighting?" In the second half of the show we once again get reviws for Youtube channels : Home Built by Jeff, MCM, B is for Build and upcoming episodes of joydrive. There is also new installments of Perth car shows and news, Car parts this fortnight and Fun for under 5k. 


S01 E01 “Back where it all began”

September 28, 2018

The Pod Filter Season 01, Episode 01. 

The Premier episode of The Pod Filter back where it all began! Meet Simon and Adam for the first time as they go through their automotive history to date and explain the vision for the future of this podcast. First 30 minutes is introductions, second 30 minutes is segments about YouTube, fun for under 5k, and local news and events.