The Pod Filter

S01 E09 “The Pod Filter gets Political”

February 22, 2019

The Award nominated Pod Filter Podcast is back with its latest instalment, and this time is serious (sorta). Adam Ward and Simon Fryer are joined by The Vice President - Policy of Liberal Democrats WA Jared Neaves. We discuss a load of Australian road rules and regulations that we believe need to be changed. we discuss how our listeners can help to get the rules changed, the bike ban at Barbagello race track, we touch on marijuana legality, gun laws and speed-limits too. in the second half of the show (44:24) we cover YouTube's Mighty Car Mods, Hoonigans/call out kings vs Roadkill/Finnegan speed marine, Torque n Powers 50th episode, Seen Through Glass, Home Built by Jeff, Cleetus McFarland, Dustin Williams, The Grand Tour, /Drive, The Skid Factory and of course JoyDrive. Car and Bike parts this fortnight and Fun for 5K is back!